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See what some of them have been up to:
Kendrick Nguyen, co-founder of Republic, raised $225M.
Graham Jenkin, co-founder of CoinList, raised $70M. Investors include Jack Dorsey.
Cyan Banister, former VC at Founders Fund, invested in companies like Uber, SpaceX, Niantic, Postmates, and more.
Alex Pack, former VC at Bain Capital and co-founder of Dragonfly Capital.
Richard Freling, co-founder of CommandBar and YC Alumnus.
Millie Tadewaldt, founder and CEO of Brilliant. Previously product and operations at AngelList.
Brandon Leonardo, co-founder of Instacart, raised $2.7B including Sequoia and A16Z.
Jonathon Kibera, founding partner at SFR3 Fund and founder and CEO of LiveNeighborly.
Rishi Narang, co-founder and CEO of Pioneer. Previously engineering at AngelList.
Nicole Emanuel, co-founder and CFO/COO of 21 Seeds. Previously CFO AngelList.
And many more...
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